Make sure your car is protected when it’s in the rental fleet. At tēn4, we offer commercial rental insurance through our network of partners. Don’t take any chances with your investment – get in touch with us to learn more about this valuable coverage.


Q. Is coverage active only during rentals?
A. The policies provide coverage for commercial rental vehicles both while rented and while idle.

Q. How many cars do I need to have in order to be eligible for coverage?
A. Our partners are able to provide coverage for as little as one car due to our group policy.

Q. Can I provide proof of insurance to my lender?
A. Yes, you will be able to add a lienholder and vehicle owner information to the policy.

Q. Will I save money?
A. Due to the size of our fleet, we are able to receive significant discounts on insurance that our clients would not have access to without a large fleet.

Q. Can tēn4 help me arrange insurance if I am not using your cohosting services?
A. Our commercial insurance partners offer this insurance exclusively to our cohosting clients.

Q. Is tēn4 an insurance company?
A. LTTLTN Ventures, LLC, dba. “tēn4 cohosting,” is not an insurance carrier. tēn4 works with a series of insurance providers to provide our customers with the physical damage and liability coverage necessary to operate their rental vehicles.

Q. Do I need to register my car to an LLC in order to be eligible for coverage?
A. Our insurance partners are able to provide coverage for vehicles with a valid US registration. An LLC is not required.


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